Important features for a video surveillance camera

The new technologies in the field have brought to the attention of the producers increasingly important movements. One of these was to revolutionize the characteristics of a surveillance camera and to introduce functions that make it possible to differentiate according to certain situations or moments of the day.

One of the most important features of a video surveillance camera is currently the OSD (on screen display) menu that can be activated with the minijoystick on the camera cable as a rule to optimize camera capabilities. This menu allows you to “tune” the camera’s features to get the best picture quality. The on-screen display function has the function to adjust the camera’s functionality via the OSD menu and is one of the most important and exciting features on the video surveillance market. Practically, via OSD, the generated signal will be adapted to the location and location of the on-site security and surveillance equipment. Which really represents a giant plus for any user. Another important feature that has emerged relatively recently but is of utmost importance is the WDR or Wide Dynamic Range technology, with a balanced role for any video image provided by the device that incorporates this feature. Wide Dynamic Range helps provide a much clearer and more balanced picture regardless of whether the video surveillance device is used inside or outside the target location. The role of WDR has become vital to modern security technology, and users are looking for this feature on virtually any video device. DWDR, is another wonder technology that makes the images much clearer. The image is transmitted by the surveillance camera through frames. 2 consecutive frames are combined by a process called “interlace.” Practically DWDR technology combines 2 images – one under-exposed and one overexposed in a high-quality image.

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We also remember Digital Noise Reduction or DNR as it is known to surveillance camera users who also have a role or are of major importance. DNR has a well-established role in the high-tech landscape of the products that incorporate it. More specifically, through DNR, the camera eliminates the noise from the background of an image, thus delivering clear, distinct and distorted images to consumers. As a rule, surveillance cameras use 2D or even 3D filters to reduce background noise, a detail that increases the functionality and especially the efficiency of a quality video surveillance device. Experts believe that this feature can often make a difference between a decent performance room and a high or high performance room. In the case of CCTV surveillance, DNR technology becomes even more important and it is already a necessity of our day.Important features for a video surveillance camera

There is also an interesting feature in the modern landscape. This is BLC or Back Light Compensation, a feature that automatically allows the video surveillance camera to adjust the exposure to the surface of the image. Because the camera sensor does not have the properties of a human eye, it encounters difficulties in reproducing different lighting areas, such as the influence of sunlight. At that time Back Light Compensation comes into play, which helps the subject to be displayed clearly and unintentionally.

The last two functions that we will remember and which are undoubtedly important for current market products are the AWB and AGC functions. They can be common to many modern devices and we’ll find out where they can help. AWB or Auto White Balance is an extremely important feature for any video surveillance camera. With this feature, the camera automatically adjusts the white color and reproduces it correctly. The rest of the colors will be displayed afterwards without any problem once the white is reproduced correctly. This function comes into play because cameras can not distinguish things just as the human eye does not have the ability to adapt to different color temperatures. AGC is an abbreviation for Automatic Gain Control, a feature that allows you to record very clear images under completely different lighting conditions. In situations where lens iris can not be controlled, this feature can also help enormously in the surveillance camera. In fact, the AGC function amplifies the video signal, increasing and optimizing the brightness of the image.

We’ve put together 8 features of great importance in video surveillance, features that help any surprise camera regardless of its type, and functions that multiply the value of such a device. When purchasing surveillance cameras, look for these features to be found between specifications. Of course, you will not find all of them in cheap surveillance cameras, but a valuable room that costs a few million lei must have a large part of these features incorporated to ease your mission and raise your level of technological performance Which you target.